Grosspool Music

One must never wish hurdles away.
With Grosspool, musicians and fans get to STAY RESILIENT.
Marketing - Distribution -Management

Music Marketing Services

Grosspool Music markets music content using what can be simply described as unique methods. Such methods go against the very conventions that the industry is accustomed to. We tap the power of content marketing, social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Forums & Expos to deliver real consumers to your music.

Music Distribution

We will distribute your music to relevant platforms and use our marketing muscles to promote it.
We also do what we refer to as 'promotional distribution', where an artist agrees to have us upload their content on our Youtube/Soundcloud so that such content can be accessed by our audience.


We will provide you with the best PR and social media support for your project. We can also chip in to help you with social media strategizing for your brand.